de.power DP-024AACR
de.power DP-024AACR de.power DP-024AACR

de.power DP-024AACR

Brand: de.Power
Product Code: DP-024AACR
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The interchargeable model from de.power can be operated either with a CR123A lithium battery or with an AA alkaline battery, simply turning the module over. Equipped with an efficient CREE high-performance LED, when using a CR123A lithium battery* the light output on the high power level is 271 lumens, compared to 101 lumens with an AA alkaline** battery. The battery life with both battery types is 7 hours on the low power, energy-saving level.

* Advantages of the lithium battery: high cell voltage, very long storage life, low self-discharge, relative insensitivity to temperature.
** Advantages of the alkaline battery: low acquisition costs, available nearly everywhere.

Technical details:
* Bulb type: 1Cree high performance-LED
* Material: aluminium
* Dimensions (diameter x length): 37x 122 mm

with 1x CR123A (included):
* Light power: 271 lumens (high) | 36 lumens (low)
* Candel power: 10030cd (high) | 1262cd (low)
* Light range: 200m (high) | 71m (low)
* Lighting duration: 3 hours (high) | 7 hours (low)
* Weight (incl. battery): 128g

with 1x AA Alkaline battery (included):
* Light power: 101 lumens (high) | 26 lumens (low)
* Candel power: 3810cd (high) | 882cd (low)
* Light range: 123m (high) | 59m (low)
* Lighting duration: 2 hours (high) | 7 hours (low)
* Weight (incl. battery): 135g

Purchased parts package:
* 1x Torch (DP-024AACR)
* hand strap
* 1x de.power CR123A and 1x de.power AA alkaline battery